Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs! The Music Group Band

Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs!

Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs!

Yeah! They’re in my daily playlist and in the background soundtrack to the life I lead today. They’re presence is very much needed in my opinion. I first discovered them back in 2003 when they released their first album Fever to tell. It was a hot… very hot summer in California and I was thirsty for something new. I grew up listening to Rap, Classic Rock, some Punk, Blues and the occasional pop songs of the top 40, so… my eclectic range of taste in music was ready for a new jolt. Which I found in a hurry when I was introduced to this amazing, energetic, get the point across with no apologies band. And I thank the day that it happen.

The sound they have created invokes my creativity, I feel like being artistic for some reason. It puts me in a work mode that is calm and productive, which is what I think a lot of people need in their lives. But then, there is also some tracks that are screaming party time and freeway music that gets you though the jerk balls of the day with ease. Now that’s a well rounded band. The Genres they have been named in are Art Punk… which probably explains the creative spark I get when listening to them, Indie Rock, Dance Punk and Post Punk Revival.

The Band is made up of three members. Karen O- Vocalist/Pianist, Nick Zinner- guitarist/keyboardist and Brian Chase- drummer. When performing live they are complemented by a fourth member David Pajo. They hale from New York, USA. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have put out three studio recorded albums so far. The first being Fever to tell in 2003, second was Show your bones released in 2006 and the third album released in 2009 also named second best album of the year by NME is titled Its Blitz!. A fourth Album is to be released this year of 2013 in April and is Named Mosquito.

The new art work of the album cover for Mosquito was released for review and not accepted very well at all. I myself have mixed feelings about it. But I tend and try to keep in mind that art is in the eye of the beholder. The cover is very dark in imagery but Neon in color. It consist of a Giant mosquito holding a baby captive, ready to poke it with its sharp nose or beak poker thing whatever that part of its anatomy is, you get the picture. The baby is pictured screaming, with a spiky hair do and green lip color. The child is nude, bent in a way that is not showing any sex revealing parts, unlike the Nirvana cover of Never Mind with the swimming baby boy. The art work was designed by South Korean animator Beomsik Shimbe Shim.

When asked about the bad reviews the cover received Karen O stated “We don’t have fans because we do what they want us to do, we have fans because we do whatever we want and that’s really what they want the most.” That is a great statement as far as I’m concerned and I’m uber excited to hear the new album! She is also quoted saying in description of the new music on the album as being “feel good, food for the soul, chicken soup for the ears- which doesn’t mean easy listening- kind of raw, kind of chaotic, kind of dreamy”. Now I’m really excited.

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