Wordspit, The Illest! One of the most up and coming Bands

Wordspit, The Illest had been huge on America’s Got talent but they were voted off in the Semi-Finals and in our opinion should of been in the finals. They have a great fresh sound that is original, emotional, and full of energy. Their high energy music is amazingly developed and could possibly the next level of music.

Even Rocawear, the clothing line has taken upon themselves to release viral videos of Wordspit, The Illest to celebrate the evolution of Hip Hop and their part in the Hip Hip world. Jay-Z and Rocafella Records developed Rocawear into one of the top, if not the number one urban clothing line.

The main music artist Wordspit was born in East New York, Brooklyn by a Musician Father and a very young mother. This was the path laid out in the beginning of his life to become a great enthusiastic talent in lyrics. His rhymes and song have so much electricity he can bring down the lightning and humble some of the top artists in his field. And with his back up singers and band he almost seems unstoppable in the path to greatness.

If you do not believe us check out this video.

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