Ode To Orpheus: On The Darkside Of The Sun

Ode to Orephus

Ode to Orephus

“On The Darkside Of The Sun” by Ode To Orpheus has a lot of meaning behind it. Morally speaking the Earth is “On The Darkside Of The Sun” because of it’s inhabitant’s and the way they conduct themselves making it a very dark place to live. This 11 song concept album starts out with a song entitled “Road Rage” with all the events that are take place every day building tensions between all of mankind and their issues they have between each other. One day out of the blue… BOOM! “((The Coming, The Beginning, In The Act of, and the end…. of the Third World War))”. The title of the last track, “Darkside Of The Sun”. A 20 minute anthematic Rock Opera. This album is like a great

1 Road Rage
2 Aggression
3 Creator
4 I Told You So
5 Stop
6 Garden Of Sin
7 Come Home
8 Nightmare
9 Peacemaker
10 Destiny
11 Darkside Of The Sun

Compact Disc

Members Rick Ferrusi, Drummer and Percussionist.
Donald Shickle, Vocalist.
Gary Cappuccio, Guitarist and Keyboardist.
Mahlon Groom, Guitarist.
Ray Scavo, Bassist.

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Music Samples on Google Play
“No girly glam boys here”!

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