Enchanted Sea Horse Belly Rings

Sea Horse Belly Rings

Sea Horse Belly Rings

The Sea Horse is one of the most powerful legendary icons in the world. The ancient Greeks believed that the Sea Horse was the reflection of Poseidon and Neptune being the creature that this god was most fond of. To the Greeks the Seahorse is a sign of power and strength of the gods and of the ocean and seas. In many sculptures and pictures Poseidon/Neptune are riding seahorses with their tridents in hand ready to show their strength of the gods.

In ancient European cultures they believe the Seahorses are a supernatural being who carries the souls of lost or dead sailors across the ocean to their next life or loved ones for one last embrace. The Ancient Europeans also believed the seahorse also represents safe passage and protection while sailing the seas.

In Asian cultures they believe that the Seahorse is more of a sea Dragon. Any Dragon is considered good luck and so the Sea Horse brings you good luck when it comes to any body of water.

With all of these different legends it would be of great value for a woman to have a Seahorse by her side or in this case very close to her belly button. A Sea Horse belly button piercing on a woman will show her as someone who is strong, and powerful. For most men this professes a sexiness that drives men crazy, the reason being men are usually always in power when it comes to sports, business, and even knowledge so when a woman exhibits these types of attributes her attractiveness grows.

These Seahorse Belly Rings comes with little crystals and are made of metal. You can find them on Body Jewelry and More (bodyjewelryandmore.com)

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