Thread Slinger Bags & Purses

Thread Slinger Purses

Thread Slinger Bags & Purses are the perfect accessory to any collection! Each bag is hand crafted and made piece by piece by few individuals who condense art, fashion, and originality. No two purses, handbags, or bags are alike. Each one is individually made so once you own Thread Slinger bag you can be assured that no one in the world will have a bag exactly like the one you have.

Thread Slingers is located in Redlands, California and believe it or not comes from one artistic mind that is the mad scientist of Purse and Bag Fashion. She remains anonymous and has few employees but it is because she puts her heart and soul into her work and her artistic side takes over while giving you a huge selection of purses.

If you are looking for a bag that will fit your mood and personality while keeping originality, then you are looking for a Thread Slinger Bag.

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