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Music Legends - Bob Marley, Beatles, Elvis, Johnny Cash

Music Legends – Bob Marley, Beatles, Elvis, Johnny Cash

Quickly, list the top three most iconic musical artists! Chances are Bob Marley, Elvis, The Beatles, and maybe Johnny Cash showed up on the list. Nowadays when you look in a teenage girl’s bedroom you’ll probably see Justin Bieber’s picture on the ceiling, with One Direction hanging out on at least two of the walls, but we know that that isn’t “real” music.

Bob Marley sold one-hundred and fifty million records, and is famously known for getting shot two days before a performance and still performing two days later saying. “”The people that are making this world worse don’t take a day off, how can I?”.

The Beatles sold over 500 million records with songs like Let It Be and I Wanna Hold Your Hand that are recognizable even to the younger generation. Even the newer bands like One Direction seem to be trying to copy them. (

Elvis Presley sold over one-billion records almost beating out Michael Jackson, and the Beatles combined. He is still famously remembered for the many conspiracy theories about him not really being dead, how he really just wanted some quite time away from the world and just faked his own death. Some theories even go so far as to say that he wasn’t even human. As quoted by Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black “Elvis never died, he just went home” implying that he was from another world.

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