Blingy Ricci Boutique Custom Hand Made Bottle Lamps

Blingy Ricci Boutique Hand Made Custom Bottles.

Blingy Ricci Boutique Hand Made Custom Bottles.

Blingy Ricci Boutique started in Arizona and has a great but sad story to it. Ricci was the son of Christine who loved her son as any mother can. But one day Ricci’s life was cut short and was not able to live the life that his mother had dreamed of. When Ricci was alive his mom Christine made a bottle for him with Marilyn Monroe with gorgeous surrounding jewels and artistically done in fashion. He loved it so much and when his life was gone Christine decided to make these bottle in honor of her wonderful son and share the joy that he shared with her. Every bottle to her feels like she is making it once more for her son.

Each bottle is hand crafted and there are no 2 alike. each one has a hole in the back where a light goes and when you turn it on it illuminates every single color jewel to a fantastic beautiful glow. Each bottle comes custom made with a specific genre or character in mind such as Marilyn Monroe, Betty page, and even Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas.

You can get these bottles now at Body Jewelry and more in the Blingy Ricci manufacture section.

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  1. Michelle Elliott Smell says:

    I am interested in purchasing one of the bottle lamps….you were recently at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and I purchased a tea light ASU bottle from you. You had said that you had an ASU bottle lamp but I was unable to make it back prior to the event being done. Is there any way to see the lamp by either e-mailing a photo or texting one to me?? I am very interested in purchasing it if you still have it~!

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